On our website www.benatiofficial.com, owned by   BÉNATI, we use cookies, also known as cookies, in order to identify your interests and preferred products and to provide you with service and advice for your personal taste. When using cookies, our main goal is to provide our users with personalized and personalized advice and services of all kinds of styles, fashion and trends.

What is a cookie and what is it used for?

Cookies are placed on your device from the moment you enter our website for a specified period of time, which are absolutely necessary for the functioning of our website, increase the security or functionality of our website, provide statistics on how our website is used or target you individually and personalized advertising through this targeting. and text files that serve to collect information for marketing purposes.

Our main purpose in the use of cookies is to provide you with a higher quality, safer and personalized service. For example, when you like a product while browsing our website, you can add it to your cart to buy it later, and when you enter your cart to make the purchase later, the products you choose will be waiting for you in your cart. In addition, we also use cookies to share our images on the right, left, above, below to remind ourselves while you are browsing other websites, and to easily direct you to our website when you click.

What cookies do we use?

Cookies that are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the website – These cookies are mandatory for our website to be visited and used by you, our users, and for us to provide you with services. Due to the obligation principle, the use of these cookies is not subject to the consent of the users.

Cookies that increase the security or functionality of the website Our basic principle is customer satisfaction. For this reason, the security of your device and data is indispensable. We need this type of cookie to provide the highest level of security. Since this is an important need for both you and us and as a matter of necessity, the use of these cookies is not subject to the consent of the users.

Cookies that provide statistics on how the website is used – These cookies are used to collect information anonymously in order to improve our website up-to-date, keep up with internet sales principles and identify user needs. While using these cookies, no distinctive data of our users can be accessed. Due to anonymity, the use of these cookies is not subject to the consent of the users.

Cookies that collect information for the purpose of targeting users individually and for personalized advertising and marketing through this targeting

These cookies are indispensable to offer you personalized and tailored products. Thanks to these cookies, we are able to combine the data we have collected on your preferences about the style and types of products you have frequently viewed, added to your cart and / or purchased, and we are able to present our products that are suitable for you and that we are sure you will like even if you are browsing other websites in your browser. For these reasons, these cookies are one of the types we need in order to provide you with a more personal and special service and can only be used when you give your consent.

What can you do to prevent the use of cookies?

You can always block other marketing and advertising cookies other than those that are mandatory for functionality and security; but remember that it is important that we can use these cookies so that we can provide you with a personalized and tailored service.

To block it, you need to select the “block the use of cookies” or similar option that serves this purpose in your browser settings and delete your cookie history up to that day.

For your questions and requests, you can always contact us at info@benatiofficial.com.