All BÉNATI products are made with love and made to last. To ensure the greatest longevity of this product, we recommend to follow these steps;

  • Durability of your bag depends on how you behave to the product. As long as you prevent your BÉNATI’s from hand sanitizers, perfumes and such chemicals , they will maintain their shape and quality.
  • You should rest your leather bags by putting paper in them during the period you do not use them and put them in the closet, so that the leather of your bag will not be damaged and worn. You can store your bags for a long time in the 100% organic and airy cover we send to you.
  • Leather is a hard-wearing natural material, yet it can be sensitive. Keep leather away from humidity, heat and chemicals and protect it from rain and rough surfaces, which can scratch and damage it. To remove light stains, wipe with a slight fabric .If leather should get wet, allow it to air dry at normal room temperature.
  • Suede leather has an open surface, which makes it more delicate. This type of leather is more likely to rub off, to get dirty and the colour may fade over time.
  • The metal accessories used in our products are first class. Metals are long-lasting if they are used gently and if disinfectants and certain chemicals are not contacted. BÉNATI is not responsible for discoloration of gold-plated accessories.